Sponsor items that are available are:

Password – $25.00
This is like $20,000.00 Pyramid. The players are given clues to guess the word. Sponsors are paying for advertisement as a sponsor and the prizes of $10 Amazon Gift Cards.

Brown Bag Book – Just bring a book – no charge
This is where each attendee gets to choose a book wrapped in brown paper so they don’t know what the book is. They then find the author to get it signed.

Book Walk – Just bring a book – no charge
This is like cake walk, only with books.

Charm Me – $25.00 for 100 charms or $50.00 for 200 charms
This is where each attendee is given a charm bracelet and they get to collect the charms from those authors participating.

Lanyard Sponsor (2)- $200.00
This is where the sponsors are able to have their website put on the lanyards of each attendee.

Goodie Bag Sponsor (2)- $250.00
Each sponsor’s logo or website is put on the attendee bags given to each attendee

Badge Sponsor (1)- $200.00
This is where the sponsor’s logo is printed on each badge given to all the attendees.

Window Clings – Upper Glass – $100.00 Lower Glass (30.5″ wide by 32″ tall) – $75.00 (30.5″ wide by 22.5″ tall) You get to keep the cling when the conference is over)
These are window clings with your logo or advertisement that are put on the windows going in and out of the area where most of the festivities are occurring.

Program Ads – Back cover is $200, full page ad is $150.00, 1/2 page is $75.00, and 1/4 page is $50.00
These are ads that are put in the programs given to each attendee and the public when the book signing is open

If you are interested in any of these sponsorship opportunities, email me at sandysullivan@romancestorytime.com and I will invoice you for the total. If you have questions on anything, email me as well.